Diving In Bunaken & Siladen

Diving In Bunaken Marine Park was among first marine parks in Indonesia and contains Bunaken, Siladen, Manado Tua, Mantehage, and Nain Island. The region has excellent marine biodiversity with astonishing coral reefs around Bunaken, the more recently found muck diving sites in Manado Bay and the magnificent reefs around Bangka that, while not part of the park, are renowned for their magnificent soft corals, dugongs and marine biodiversity. Bright blue waters, abundant marine life, healthy flora, a booming turtle population, resident dolphins and migrating sperm and pilot whales are certain highlights. Muka Kampung – A steep fall off, wall and sandy slope combination website located in front of Bunaken Village.

Muka Kampung is a hotspot of turtles and a fantastic place for macro life and creatures. Towards the sandy incline, when you’re not being diverted by the dense schools of butterfly fish, then look for the passing eagle beams and bottom dwelling stingrays. The superficial surface area is wonderful region to look for bigger critters in among the branching corals. Lekuan 1, 3 and 2 – These 3 sites unite sloping reefs and some of Bunaken’s most impressive walls. Lekuan websites are packed with various marine life and in Lekuan 1 it is potential to lose count of the number of turtles spotted on a single dive.

Corals are brilliant and the walls are punctuated with many crevices, ledges and tiny caves where amazing macro existence and juvenile white tip reef sharks could be located. Keep a look out for schools of mackerel, fusiliers, green sea turtles, passing eagle rays and clouds of pyramid butterflyfish and trigtofish redtooth. Siladen Point – Situated off the small island of Siladen, this website offers a spectacular wall decorated with a diverse mixture of soft and hard corals. The wrought iron is home to a number of reef inhabitants, including scorpions, cuttlefish, nudibranchs and many shrimp species. White tip reef sharks frequently pass through here as do other pelagics.

The shallow reef top is exploding with bigger reef fish and awash with color. Sachiko’s Point – This iconic Bunaken wall dive site can be found on the north side of Bunaken Island and provides a lot of gorgonian sea fans along with a vibrant mixture of soft and hard corals. Sachiko’s is among the best places for celebrating passing pelagics including barracudas, sharks, turtles and Napoleon wrasse. From the shallows, the reef top coral garden is a great location for discovering nudibranch along with other tiny critters. Batu Goso – A collection of steep stone pinnacles off Bangka Island, Batu Goso offers intriguing topography, magnificent soft corals along with a diverse mixture of marine life. The pinnacles attract schools of fish in addition to passing pelagics and you will find shelter from currents and observe the action numerous places where Australians may shelter from currents and observe the actions from the blue. Highlights in Batu Goso include white and black education critters.

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